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Omni Global Strategies, LLC offers professional services to improve organizational performance for commercial, government, and non-profit organizations seeking to improve acquisition processes by leveraging the strength of process, people, and procurement to create successful strategies toward organizational goals:

Contract Management

Omni Global Strategies, LLC provides highly effective program and project management services to assist organizations in planning, initiating, managing, executing, and achieving contract objectives. Our support services include cradle-to-grave contract support, to include:

  • Directly managing contracts.
  • Providing consulting services to improve processes.
  • Training organizations on contract management best practices.
  • Managing reporting and maintaining documentation for compliance throughout contact lifecycle.
Contract Management

Program and Project Management

Omni Global Strategies, LLC provides direct program and project management support to organizations, to include:

  • Monitoring performance and actively engaging team to ensure success.
  • Integrating project activities into a successful acquisition program.
  • Meeting participation and guidance where requested.
  • Providing project leadership and stakeholder communications briefings.
  • Planning and scheduling project activities that meet program goals.
  • Managing projects to achieve objectives through processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience.

Executive Strategy & Training

Omni Global Strategies, LLC provides strategic leadership consulting services focused on improving acquisition processes, to include:

  • Supporting the organization in creating or adjusting objectives to meet goals and mission.
  • Presenting program evaluation findings and recommendations for improvement.
  • Improving communications through training and development.
Executive Strategy & Training

Program Evaluation

Omni Global Strategies, LLC provides organizational consulting services focused on improving acquisition processes, to include:

  • Analyzing existing processes to identify disruptive processes.
  • Determining the efficacy and efficiency of current processes.
  • Improving and streamlining processes by implementing best practices.